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Organic Elecampane Root 4 oz. (113g), USDA Certified Organic Elecampane Root Organic, Cut & Sifted.

  • Elecampane is believed to have anti-parasitic properties.
  • USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC ELECAMPANE: non-irradiated Inula helenium root is non-GMO and organic sourced from organically certified growers, and resealable packaging is always BPA-free.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY, POTENT, & VIBRANT: Often used as a respiratory or digestive tonic, elecampane is a powerful herb that can be made into an infusion, decoction, or tincture for multiple uses.
  • LABORATORY ANALYZED: This elecampane root organic is laboratory analyzed before arriving at our facility, and organoleptic analyzed before packaged. It's tested for moisture, microbial contaminants, and extraneous matter.
  • EUROPEAN ORIGIN: Light brown roots with a bitter and strong flavor and woody aroma, our elecampane root is cleanly sourced.
  • CONTROLLED: This product is packaged in an FDA registered, GMP & HACCP compliant facility in Ventura County, California.


We use this product in our Anti-Parasitic Program. 


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Anti-Parasitic Program:

Elecampane Root, Organic 4 oz

  • See seller's returns and refunds policy on Amazon. 

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