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Ari Ra, as our clients respectfully and lovingly call him Doctor Nature, is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and a Western medicine professional. While he is very grateful to them for the honor of being called Doctor Nature, there is a good reason why they do it. Ari firmly believes in the healing power of Nature as an ultimate medicine capable of creating a perfect balance and harmony in the body and mind.

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Ari is extensively educated in Ayurvedic medicine and belongs to “Shaka Vansiya” tradition, one of the oldest lineages of the original Vibrational Ayurveda mentioned in the “Puranas” over 5 millennia ago. Aside of being trained in both the Western and the Oriental types of medicine, Ari is a strong intuitive healer, educator, researcher and an expert spokesman with a clear vision of the way for the integrative and natural medicine to begin dominating the global healthcare system in the foreseeable future. Doctor Nature’s comprehensive multi-dimensional knowledge of human physiology and psychology, nutrition and metabolic medicine, has allowed him to develop an all-natural and functional approach that addresses the underlying causes of various conditions including GI, cardiovascular, psychological conditions, metabolic and autoimmune dysfunctions and beyond. His aim is to optimally restore the internal and external environments so that the body can naturally correct its own imbalances and deficiencies based on individual biochemistry using nutrition, herbals, physical dynamics, and positive mentality. Doctor Nature’s life's journey is to provide natural health solutions to people in order to uncover the best potential for health and spiritual growth.Having gone through some common and serious health challenges himself, his personal transformation triggered a professional transformation which put him on a path of discovery and service to all those who are willing to experience the profound positive change in their health and their attitude, broaden their perspectives on life and well-being, make themselves more joyful, efficient, and energetic.

Doctor Nature is a strong believer that each human individual can, and should have the knowledge and develop the skills to be self-dependent and capable of self-healing, and that the first line of duty of health professionals is to teach their patients and clients how to do namely that. But in reality, patients are talked to in a language they don’t understand, put on medications they don’t know all dangers about, made to comply with regimens they often can’t bear and do unwilfully; and on top of it, all their mental and emotional state is not addressed. We are observing a major shift in the way people look at the health care system. Many people become disappointed with the results of their treatments that in majority of cases turn into a never-ending story of their dependency on pharmacological substances, and their frustration to find themselves in this trap with their freedom for healthcare taken away. Medical system turned into an impersonal machine, without truly the patient’s wellbeing in mind. Personal approach and care, so needed by those who are sick, are lacking drastically. What we see in the world now is a global pandemic of poor nutrition manifesting through oncological, cardiovascular, digestive, metabolic, psychological and other types of conditions. It is true that we are what we eat, and how we eat, therefore the major task the medical society has to undertake is to articulate a solid “food as medicine” concept and put it above the pharmacological means of treatment of a disease. One of Doctor Nature’s strong suites is that he speaks both “languages” – the language of the Western medicine, having over 20 years of experience in the field based on physical biochemistry, and the Oriental, traditional medicine based on energies and the holistic approach to health.

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Doctor Nature Healing testimonials

My husband was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. We had a consultation with Doctor Nature and got on their meal plan. His recommendations included herb remedies, dietary and lifestyle adjustments. Within 4 weeks, my husband lost...

Irina C. Buffalo Grove, IL

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