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4 Week Anti-Parasitic Online Guided Program


Nowadays the problem with parasites is being overlooked and misdiagnosed, if not to say ignored by the main stream medicine. Yet, it poses one of the most serious health threats that lies as a building block in many of the health conditions, both minor and major, both chronic and acute. Chemical medications that are used for parasitic conditions are highly toxic and even carcinogenic, and don't work 100%. They only aim and kill (not drive away) the adult specimens in the intestinal tract, leaving dangerous eggs and larvae untouched in various organs and tissues, giving them a chance for re-infestation, destructively effecting liver, kidneys and the entire system. Repel away and annihilate parasitic invasions from GI tract and other organs and tissues, by applying all natural means with a well structured, ultimately natural and intensive schedule. Nature and its wisdom provide all needed components, that safely drive away adult parasites, destroy eggs and larva, while boosting immunity and protecting the internal organs, causing no toxicity, but on the other hand cleansing and detoxifying the body. The program affects most of parasites, their eggs and larvae throughout the entire body. It additionally supports the main elimination systems like liver and kidneys, as they sustain most of stress dealing with toxicity. The mushroom and herbal formulation as well as the nutritional program and cleansing routines are designed to produce the desired effect on all groups of parasites and bring the internal sense of purity and ultimate health.

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