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Mon, Jun 17


Guided Online Course $350

ANTIPARASITIC Program (4 weeks)

Our expertly crafted 100% natural antiparasitic cleanse addresses all stages of parasites' lifecycle, cleanses them out, and provides education.

ANTIPARASITIC Program (4 weeks)
ANTIPARASITIC Program (4 weeks)

Time & Location

Jun 17, 2024, 7:00 AM – Jul 07, 2024, 10:00 PM

Guided Online Course $350

About the event

This program is a multi-phased, comprehensive, completely natural approach that helps to effectively eradicate most of the common gross parasites from the body while addressing all cycles of their life and development, while providing necessary support to the liver, enhanced with important parasite cleanse routines, and lifetime knowledge about various types of parasites, treatment and prevention.

You will get:

· 30 days GUIDED 100% NATURAL anti-parasitic cleanse

· Effective Herb and Supplement formulas

· Step-by-step instructions

· Daily group chat support

· Weekly live meetings with our experts Doctor Nature and Irina Ra (5 meetings total)

· Therapeutic Nutritional regimen

· Recipes

· Recorded Lessons/Instructional Videos

· Pdf documents

· Purchasing lists

· Food maps

· Weekly meal plans

· Understanding of the types of parasites and the use of lab analyses

· Pre-recorded Cooking Classes available for purchase

· Group Sharing

· LifeTime Knowledge

This particular program is designed for adults and young adults ages 16 and up.

Our Anti-Parasitic Program will help you:

- Banish gross parasites – helminths such as roundworms, thorny-headed worms and flatworms - from the intestines, liver and ducts, and muscle and organ tissues.

Killing and banishing are two different things! Most programs kill parasites inside the body which results in the parasites releasing poisoning toxins. Banishing parasites prevents their decay and release of toxins in the body.

- Address 3 stages of parasites’ lifecycle: eggs, larvae, grown parasites.

Most programs just kill or drive grown parasites without addressing the larvae and eggs that grow and re-contaminate the body just weeks later.

- Get more energy

- Increase focus and concentration

- Strengthen immunity

- Stop being poisoned by and fed on by parasites

- Re-gain your body and mind back

- Improve your overall health

The Effect of Parasites on Health

The presence of parasites in the body can lead to a variety of ailments, from troublesome to very serious including:

§ Weakened Immune System

§ Reduced or Overactive Reproductive Function

§ Chronic Fatigue

§ Brain Fog

§ Anemia and nutrient deficiencies such as Iron Deficiency

§ GI Issues

§ Auto-Immune Disorders

§ Allergies

§ Skin Conditions

§ Thoughts, emotions and actions being dictated by the parasites

Symptoms May Include:

o Digestive Problems such as stomach discomfort, abdominal pain and gas

o Diarrhea or constipation, IBS

o Low iron / anemia

o Nausea & Vomiting

o Frequent Colds

o Tiredness / Sleepiness / Lack of Motivation

o Bad breath (while teeth are healthy)

o Protruding Abdomen

o Feeling nauseous when brushing teeth

o Muscle and Joint Pain

o Sleeping Disturbances

o Skin irritations and itching

o Dry, peeling and puffy eyelids

o Unexplained fever

o Rectal Itching

o Grinding teeth or salivation at night

o Dry and peeling skin on fingers and toes

o Weak nails, splitting in layers

o Cracked heels

o Strong (and sudden) urge for food, sometimes up to fainting

o Strong cravings for sweets

o Depression, mood swings

o No satisfaction after eating

o Low weight along with strong appetite

o Declining vision

o Lack of growth in children

o Falling asleep in a moving car

o Night sweats

o Several chronic diseases simultaneously (of joints, GI and respiratory systems)

o Erratic, illogical behavior

o Worms, blood or mucus in stool

o You don’t feel well, no diagnosis, have done various treatments without improvement

Possible Causes of Parasite Infection

- Direct Contact

- Contaminated Food or Water (oral)

- Insect-Borne Transmission (through mosquitos, ticks, flies, etc.)

- Contact with Infected Animals

- Soil-Transmitted Infections

In other words, if you:

* Swim in rivers, ponds, lakes

* Don’t wash your hands with soap and hot water before meals

* Do not wash your greens, veggies or fruit properly

* Do not wash eggs with soap

* Walk barefoot

* Noticed parasites in the family

* Have a dog or a cat

* Drink water from open sources

* Eat animal meat and fish poorly or lightly cooked

* Eat veggies and berries directly from ground without rinsing

* Have any of the symptoms mentioned above

* If you ever had pets or consumed animal products

…chances are, you would have parasites.

As part of this program, you will be following the provided daily schedule detailing how and when to take the herbal and other anti-parasitic substances, what foods to eat and not to eat. You will watch pre-recorded instructional videos and video lessons at your convenience. You will be able to ask any pertinent questions daily in the Telegram support chat. Once a week on Sundays there will be group Zoom calls where we will be checking your progress, discussing next steps and answering your questions.

You will need to purchase the anti-parasitic herbs, oils, tinctures and other necessities totaling about $400 for the month. This is in addition to the cost of participation and guidance. We provide all the links.

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