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What is Ayurveda beyond its definitions as "the science of life', or "the knowledge of aura"?

Ayurveda is a natural healing system, the one that lies at the base of all natural healing systems, and since it is natural, it is capable of speaking the Nature's language.

We think we know the Nature's language, but do we really? Nature speaks in a subtle way. It makes you FEEL more than think, yet it conceals a sacred realm behind what our eyes can see and our ears can hear. Nature hides creation behind its veil and has its primordial energies at work at all times.

There are 2 fundamental forces, called Purusha and Prkriti, or Yin and Yang.

Purush is pure consciousness, stable and largely unmanifested. Prakriti is physical nature, but more on the level of a principle than actual matter.

These two energies attract each other, and when they unite, the basic vibration is born that is called Prana, and the physical matter is manifested through 5 universal elements:

Prana is the primordial life force that nourishes the chakras making them shine brighter and clearer. It also nourishes the entire body, each and every organ and tissue on the cellular level, through the network of energy channels that in Oriental Medical systems are described as energy meridians.

For the most part, all modern day people's meridians are clogged and inactive, especially in individuals with health conditions. The presence of Life Force is a must condition to sustain life in a physical body. The quality of the distribution of Life Force throughout the body Chakras, Marmas and Nadis network into the distal parts, organs and tissues, conditions our physical and mental health.

Our body is made of five universal elements of physical nature. They comprise our body in a specific ratio and affect our mind in a very individual way. The 5 universal elements are systematized by Ayurveda into 3 principles called DOSHAS, three main types of physical body and qualities of the mind: Vata, Pitta, Kapha.

When disease comes, it pushes 5 elements out of balance and disturbs the flow of Prana.

In fact, the disease is the effect, not the cause, and will manifest through the organs and systems where the flow of Prana is disturbed and doshas go out of balance. Only at a later stage of manifestation the condition may be identified by a western medical diagnosis.

Ayurveda knows the way to balance doshas at an earlier stage of disease, the stage that preceeds the appearance of the symptoms. Ayurveda balances doshas and clears out toxins caused by that imbalance in the ultimate natural way using nutrition, lifestyle routines, and a positive mind set.

Vibrational Ayurveda additionally emphasizes and articulates the ways of working with Prana and channels it flows through; the means to harness and distribute Prana throughout the body in the most beneficial manner.

Shaka Vansya Vibrational Ayurveda is one of the most ancient Ayurvedic traditions mentioned in the Holy scripures, over 5 thousand years old.

It counts 120 generations of Vadyas (Ayurvedic Doctors) and is based on the concept of increasing the flow of Prana as a primary precept of healing.

Ayurveda speaks the language of Nature, it is very subtle like any Oriental wisdom. In order to hear it, we need to open up, become sensitive and very attentive, and when we begin speaking it, the Nature will tell us its secrets and reward us with gifts of health.

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